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Bamboo Cutting Board Wood Coninx

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WOODEN CHOPPING BOARDS FOR LASTING KNIFE EDGES - Keep your knives sharp, thanks to the perfect wooden board characteristics of the Coninx large chopping board with juice groove. Better than plastic chopping blocks, this bamboo wood cutting board saves your knives even after heavy use!

BAMBOO CHOPPING BOARD JUICE GROOVE PERFECTION - Chopping Boards Wood juice grooves aren't equal. Some wood board grooves are too shallow, while other wooden chopping block grooves are deep & tight, so difficult to clean. The groove on this large cutting board is ideal, both practical & easy to wash!

BAMBOO CHOPPING BOARDS FOR SUPERB HYGIENE - The Moso Bamboo used in our wood chopping boards is an easy to clean wood cutting board, providing a seamless hygienic experience from the first cut to the last drop on the drying rack, regardless of its age.

CHEF-SAFE FINGER-SAVING CUTTING BOARDS - Use Coninx large wooden chopping boards to keep your fingers safe. With a non-slip wood chopping board design and perfect wood softness, the wood cutting board prevents knife slippage & improves culinary safety compared to other thick wooden chopping boards.

100% MOSO BAMBOO BOARD - The Moso bamboo of our wooden chopping boards large surface is a sustainable, yet strong & durable cutting board wood material. Chop away safe with Coninx Butchers Block large chopping boards wood.



Brand Coninx

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